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Manufacturer's Agent Opportunity: Knife Sterilisation Solutions for Food Production

Manufacturer's Agent Opportunity: Knife Sterilisation Solutions for Food Production

Northern Irish Manufacturer of Knife Sterilisation Solutions for the Food Production Industry is seeking an Australian Manufacturer's Agent

As a way of background, our company Foley & Associates, based in Sydney is the authorised trade representative for Invest Northern Ireland and in that capacity we help companies from that region conduct business in Australia and New Zealand.

Our office is currently assisting is Robin Adair, Director, Director, Airtech Distribution Ltd in his search for a manufacturer’s agent for their Econoliser product range.  

Robin Adair, is looking for a highly motivated person to promote and sell the Econoliser range of knife and tool sterilisers used within the meat industry possibly already representing one or two manufacturers already within the meat industry (Abattoirs and Boning halls).

The Econoliser range of sterilisers are completely unique patented product and are designed to not only sterilise the knives and tools, but to do this using the absolute minimum quantity of water with a corresponding reduction in energy usage. With reductions in water consumption of 90% the cost savings are enormous with the added benefit of a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Ideally the person they are looking for would have worked in a senior position within the meat industry and would be well connected.

They must be prepared to spend time gathering information from the customers, building a case for the Econolisers when compared to their existing sterilisers, selling the idea to all of the buying party and closing the sale.

The ideal person will be responsible for overseeing the installation and making sure the right people are trained in their use.

All necessary training will be given.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Jenny O’Sullivan for further information (jenny@foley.net.au or +61 2 9229 8557).


Industry Sector:Industrial Equipment & Tools
Opportunity Reference:OPP155
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