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Opportunity to conduct a video captioning software demo and be an Australia partner for Quicc (Kansas)

9th February 2021

Virtual Meeting Opportunity: Quicc Video Captioning Software

Meet Jason and Mike, Co- Founders of Quicc -a video captioning and search platform developed in Kansas, US.

We are excited to b helping the Quicc team promote their software in Australia and also connect them with local partners including video creators and video and marketing agencies. 

Demo meetings are being scheduled in the week commecing 8 March 2021. For more details, listen to Mike and Jason in the video below, visit the Quicc website and contact Jenny O'Sullivan in Sydney for more details.


Quicc has touched all corners of the global marketplace by solving video workflow efficiency challenges in production, marketing, and social media.

Living up to their namesake, they help individual video creators, teams, and corporations to rapidly get the greatest impact out of their immensely valuable libraries of video content.

Quicc creators save time with:

  • Your own video library search engine! (New Feature!)
  • Clipping your videos into content you can immediately repurpose (New Feature!)
  • Automatic transcriptions
  • Auto-generated SRT files
  • Branded, stylized captions

Quicc has secured users in 121 countries - Australia being 1 of them.

Australia is their 2nd largest international market behind the UK (accounting for just over 5% of their total user base)

They have been in collaborative discussions with Canva (based in Australia) and hope to have Quicc listed in their app store at some point in 2021.Jason is a dual citizen (Australian and American) and has close ties, friends, and family in Australia

In short, Quicc is already connected to Australia in various ways and would love to have more Aussies in their community!


Opportunity Reference:OPP161
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