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Electric Cleaner Company - Quality Professional Dog Grooming Dryers. Seeking Distribution Partners in Australia

26th May 2022

Electric Cleaner Company - Seeking Distribution Partners in Australia.

Electric Cleaner Company

US Manufacturer, Electric Cleaner Company (ECC) is seeking to connect with potential distribution partners for their professional line of quality K-9 Blower- Dryers used by professional dog groomers.

Our office in our capacity as the authorized trade office in Australia and New Zealand for the US state of Wisconsin is assisting ECC by scheduling meetings for Steve Ellwood, Director of Sales at Electric Cleaner Company with Australian companies that might be interested in learning about the K9 Dryer range and being part of the ECC Australian sales and distribution network.

For further details please contact Jenny O'Sullivan, Snr Advisor International Trade & Investment | Jenny@foley.net.au | +61 (0)2 8222 0013 or  Declan White, Jnr Advisor International Trade & Investment | Declan@foley.net.au+61 (0) 2 8222 0017

About Electric Cleaner Corporation

  • Electric Cleaner Company, est. in 1959, is a manufacturer of powerful portable vacuum and blowers.
  • They have 2 key product lines – Animal Grooming and Industrial Vacuum blowers.
  • The key product line they are looking to market and sell into Australia is their K9 Dryer range  
    • Their professional line of quality K-9 Blowers are lightweight and portable for shop, home or mobile use.
    • Great for grooming dogs of all shapes and sizes. Warm air heat (no heating element) to prevent damage to the coat and skin. These units dry by creating a large volume of high velocity air to effectively blow water from the dogs coat reducing grooming time. Made of rugged, durable 18-gauge steel and built to last
  • Export Experience: They have an established distribution network in the US and currently sell their K-9 and Circuiteer dryers into Canada, Ireland, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.
  • They have made direct sales into Australia and are now looking to establish a formal distribution network in the region.
  • They understand the electrical certification and quality control concerns for dryers in the Australian market and have committed to electrical certification and establishing a repair and service network if they believe there is enough market interest.

Additional information for review

Key contact, Jenny O'Sullivan, Snr Advisor International Trade & Investment | Jenny@foley.net.au | +61 (0) 2 8222 0013.
                       Declan White, Jnr Advisor International Trade & Investment | Declan@foley.net.au | +61 (0) 2 8222 0017

Industry Sector:Consumer Goods
Opportunity Reference:OPP174
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