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Distribution Opportunity: US High-Performance On-Road Cruisers

Distribution Opportunity: US High-Performance On-Road Cruisers

US Manufacturer of High-Performance On - Road Cruisers is seeking to establish a sales network in Australia

Big Dog Motorcycles  (Big Dog) is an American motorcycle manufacturing company specializing in high-performance, on-road cruisers.

Founded in 1994, the company has grown to become the largest production-custom motorcycle manufacturer in the world, delivering over 30,000 motorcycles across the globe. The company’s production grew from building a single motorcycle its first year to peaking at production rates and exceeding 25 motorcycles per day in 2007. The company began slowing production at the onslaught of the “Great Recession” in early 2008 and eventually halted production for three model years (2012-2014) as the US recovered from the aftermath of the worst economic downturn since The Great Depression. 

The 2020 model lineup is the pinnacle of 28 years of experience in the motorcycle manufacturing business. Among the many updates to the lineup, the most notable include updated and completely re-designed electronic systems, a bulletproof transmission, and employing the largest production motor ever to be placed within the confines of a Big Dog frame— the S&S 124. 

Their flagship single spec model is the K9 Motorcycle. 

The company has made some direct sales to Australia and is seeking to proactively showcase and sell their products by establishing a formal sales network in Australia.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Jenny O’Sullivan for further information (jenny@foley.net.au or +61 2 9229 8557).


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Opportunity Reference:OPP161
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