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Finnish Health Technology Delegation Visits Australia

Finnish Health Technology Delegation Visits Australia
19th May 2016

Finnish Health Technology Delegation Visits Australia

Under the banner of Team Finland , we were delighted to recently welcome a Finnish health technology delegation to Australia. The group’s visit objective was to learn more about developments in the Australian health sector and to identify specific avenues for collaboration. The delegation visited both South Australia and Queensland and showcased their expertise in the following areas: 

  • smart IT solutions to support mobile home care and service solutions; 
  • strength exercise technology and equipment to support rehabilitation, disabled and geriatric exercises;
  • software to manage the nutritional intake of patients especially in aged care facilities; 
  • e-health and e-care solutions to support telehealth offerings;
  • equipment and technical solutions for hospitals, day surgeries and nursing homes; 
  • specialized instruments to detect glaucoma, measure bone density etc.) ; 
  • to advance collaborative research collaboration across active and healthy ageing; lifestyle management; and personalised medicine and nutrition;and
  • software to monitor service performance.

While in-country the delegation was accompanied by Antti Niemela, Deputy Head of Mission, Finland Embassy in Canberra;  Juha Miikkulainen,  Head of Asia Pacific (Finpro) and Angela Foley, Country Representative for Finpro, the Finland Trade Office in Australia.

Finland is known for her excellent results in the public education space, inclusive social welfare and healthcare systems and extraordinary resources devoted to R&D.   There are over 450 health related companies in Finland and several multinational giants have R&D operations in Finland including Bayer, GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare etc.  The country has the most digital health start-ups per capita in the world and is a global leader in the digitalization of healthcare. 

Finland sees Australia as an excellent place to do business and the group was attracted to Australia having heard about the important role Health and Wellbeing plays as a high-value industry in the economies of individual States.  

The delegation decided to come see firsthand what the region has to offer, to meet with local stakeholders and industry players and to identify opportunities for collaboration that will be mutually beneficial to both Finland and Australia. 

Interested in learning more?

To learn more about Finland's capabilities in Health Technology or be introduced to Finnish companies that participated in the mission, contact our office and ask for Mirna Sarihodzic or Angela Foley.

Participating Companies

  • FASTROI Real Time Care - Mobile ERP -solution for the healthcare and social services
  • Happy or Not - Customer and employee satisfaction reporting with innovative feedback smileys
  • HUR - Supplier of Strength Exercise Solutions for Rehabilitation, Disabled and Geriatric Exercise
  • Jamix Oy- Finnish software company specializing in applications for professional kitchens, staff restaurants, internal logistics and facility bookings(in use in over 100 nursing homes and dozens of sites within healthcare and social services)
  • Medixine - Communication Solutions for Healthcare
  • Merivaara - Healthcare Products and Solutions for hospitals, day surgery and health clinics, as well as for nursing homes and home care.
  • Revenio Group Corporation - A Finnish health tech group with a focus on screening for Glaucoma, Osteoporosis,Skin Cancer and Asthma.
  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd -  Leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries with a national mandate in Finland. 


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