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Opportunity to meet with visiting trade delegation from Nova Scotia, Canada as part of International Games Week in Melbourne (30 Oct- 7 Nov)

Opportunity to meet with visiting trade delegation from Nova Scotia, Canada as part of International Games Week in Melbourne (30 Oct- 7 Nov)
10th October 2016

Opportunity to meet animation and gaming companies visiting from Nova Scotia, Canada

Four companies from Nova Scotia, Canada are taking part in the Nova Scotia Business Inc trade mission to Australia as part of Melbourne International Games Week in Melbourne (30 Oct- 7 Nov).

Melbourne International Games Week is Asia Pacific’s largest digital games event for entertainment, serious games and gamification and links a range of business within the interactive media sector. It amalgamates four major games and technology events/conferences within the one-week period, bringing together 60,000 attendees. 

The visiting companies will be attending events throughout the week and our office is assisting in scheduling meeting with Australian media and advertising agencies, digital publishers and the gaming community to help them engage with potential partners and identify opportunities in this exciting market.

The visiting companies

Imposium is the Emmy Award-winning real-time video ad generator that delivers algorithmic video for commercials and entertainment with a highly personalized, one-to-one viewer experience. 

As a cloud-based dynamic platform, Imposium's groundbreaking delivery of ads works inside browsers or mobile apps, and even on-site for experiential installments. It uses both context and relevance to deliver the most optimized advertising experience possible to audiences. These personalized ads allow marketers to hyper-target prospects by things like geography, social profiles, interests, or relevant real life events. These elements allow Imposium to generate highly informed, pre-educated candidates that result in greater conversions and sales. 

Marketers, advertisers, media planners, buyers, and creative directors looking for the evolution in video marketing should appreciate the opportunity to be introduced to Imposium - a powerful new platform to harness personalized, dynamic, contextualized video 

Huminah Huminah Interactive is a is a third-party game developer specializing in 2D flash, 2D/3D Unity games, iPhone, PC/Mac, Xbox360, Wii and DS games. HHI grew as a separate division from Huminah Huminah Animation Studio.

Being located in Nova Scotia, Canada makes them one of the most affordable places to produce quality graphics, programming and games worldwide due to government incentives, which they pass on to our client.They specialize in work for hire, but have been expanding into original development for the past two years through PC/Mac and iPhone game development.

Copernicus Labs are developing the first educational mobile apps that seek to teach children early literacy and English as a Second Language using advanced speech recognition technology and interactive, animated characters.

Playing and interacting with lovable characters stimulates a child’s natural curiosity to learn. That’s why they develop digital learning experiences that foster growth through play and conversation for you and your child.

With their speech recognition technology, they deliver a one-on-one relationship between your child and characters that understand and react to verbal commands.By playing with a responsive character, children can practice and develop important cognitive skills, like phonological awareness, that will give them the tools they need to succeed in language learning and literacy.

Proposify is cloud-based software solution that allows business large and small to create professional and personalised project proposals and quotes for their customers. The product was orginally designed by a web agency owner to help cut down the headache agencies face with proposals and give them all the design flexibility they need to make it look amazing, all right in the web browser.

Fast-forward to today, and the company is a small but growing startup with hundreds of customers from all over the world praising Proposify for its simple, intuitive interface and ease of use. In Australia, they already have over 400 customers and their extensive gallery of existing templates for Mobile App Development, Branding, Advertising, Web Design will be of particular interest to developers and marketers alike. The sotfware is easily Integrated with all major CRM and bookkeeping software including:Hubspot, QuickBooks, Infusionsoft, Salesforce and Harvest.


Interested in learning more?

For futher details on the companies and to enquire about scheduling a meeting with visiting companies, please contact Foley & Associates and ask to speak to Jenny O'Sullivan or Chris Evans. 


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