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Case Study: WEDC Trade Venture Recruitment Roadshow - Why consider Australia as an export market and the importance of market visits

Case Study: WEDC Trade Venture Recruitment Roadshow - Why consider Australia as an export market and the importance of market visits



Jenny O'Sullivan presenting in Wisconsin


Jenny O'Sullivan, Senior Consultant, Foley & Associates was invited to visit Wisconsin in August 2018 to help promote Australia as an export market and meet with companies interested in the opportunity to be part of the WEDC Global Trade Venture program visit to Australia.

We have seen firsthand that exporters who visit the market (ideally more than once) are more successful.  They develop a better understanding of the local market, establish and build relationships with in-country partners and win export orders faster. 

WEDC understands this and realizing that Australia is an appealing and profitable market for Wisconsin companies, they are providing  Wisconsin exporters the opportunity to travel to the region in November 2018 to help gather market intelligence, connect with potential buyers, distributors and other partners in the Australian market

As part of the education and recruitment effort, Jenny travelled around Wisconsin for four days facilitating group workshops and conducting numerous one-on-one meetings and site visits with companies interested in learning more about the WEDC Trade Venture to Australia.

Sectors talked about through week included but were not limited to: Major Infrastructure, Waste Management, Healthcare/Medical Technology, ICT/Digital technology, Agribusiness & Food,Space Industry and Smart cities.

Throughout the week, Jenny answered specific questions about the market, discussed potential opportunities for their particular goods and services and also provided advice and guidance on the specific commercial and cultural aspects of conducting business "down under".


Outcomes and Results

~70 organisations in Wisconsin now know a lot more about the opportunities in Australia and the services and funding available through WEDC to assist exporters travel to the market to help win export orders faster.

Our office is now working on delivering indiviual meeting programs for the individual companies that are now registered for the Trade Venture Program.

"Having just traveled and spent time in Wisconsin it reinforced to me the importance of visiting a market to really understand the local conditions, drivers and culture and to establish and develop relationships by having face to face conversations"  (Jenny O"Sullivan)

"Ms. O’Sullivan was a tremendous speaker and the opportunities presented seem to be extremely lucrative - her presentation included a lot of valuable information on Australia business, culture, business statistics and general informatiom of use" (Workshop co-ordinator, University of Wisconsin)


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