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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Read what our clients are saying about us

We take pride in every area of our service, starting from the initial consultation, through to final project delivery. See what some of our clients are saying about our service below.

“The work you (The Authorized Trade Office in Australia) have provided is exceptional and exceeded our expectations. The details provided was very thorough and in depth.
As a result of these projects Calgon Carbon has been able to redefine business plans and focus our resources. We have utilized the information to make contacts and expect new business as a result. Thanks again for all your great work and we look forward to future successful projects.”
Matthew Adomaitis , Marketing Manager, Calgon Carbon Corporation
“Foley and Associates did an excellent job of researching and planning our trip to Australia.
Our target customers were well researched and Jenny O’Sullivan did a nice job of narrowing down our meetings to the best fits for Burchland Mfg.
Foley and Associates also put together an itinerary for us that covered all of our meetings and travel arrangements. That made things very easy for us to travel in a foreign country and make it to all of our meetings on time. The advance planning done by Foley and Associates made our trip go very smoothly. I would definitely recommend Foley and Associates when researching doing business in Australia.
It was great to meet you and thank you for all of your help setting up our trip. Hopefully we will visit again soon.”
Aaron Burchland , Owner, Burchland Manufacturing Inc
"The team and I cannot thank you enough for contributing so much to the success of Automation Alley's trade mission to Australia last month.
We received outstanding feedback from our company participants regarding their extremely productive matchmaking meetings that you and your team arranged for them.
We will be sure to share with you the amount of new sales generated as a direct result of your efforts.
Indeed thanks to you, Aneta, Carin, Chris, Jennifer and Mirna this mission was among our organization's best (and we have had some great missions in the past).
It is dedicated, professional people like you that missions will somon generate more than $US1 billion in export sales while creating 5500 new jobs in our region."
Noel Nevshehir , Director of International Business Services, Automation Alley
"We could not be more pleased with the results of our recent trip. I think I speak for all of us when I say that it exceeded our expectations. As you can see – plenty of potential here! We are so pleased with the way the trip came together and appreciate all the preliminary work by the team. Would love to make a return trip to Australia – we will see how things come together.”
Penny Challender , Chief Financial Officer/Owner,Hayes Manufacturing, Inc
“The NWC International Program and DCED’s PA Trade Offices are a great asset to our company’s global distribution efforts.
Without them, our international footprint would not be at the level it is today. Many thanks to the PA-Australia Trade Office”
Ryan Mosher , Sales Manager, Conrader Valves
"We have now had a chance to review the Market Assessment conducted for COMPANY A by you. We were impressed by the level of detail and the coverage of the information that the firm needs in order to decide how to approach the market.
The client has confirmed that the reports gave him and his executive team plenty to review and plan.”
Stanley Pfrang , Senior Market Development Director – Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
“The early research provided to us really helped us identify the potential market size and retail price of goods. While the outcome of the meetings is early-on the initial feedback from companies we met with is incredibly positive. Invaluable market information and some really good targets have been identified to expand our distribution.
I feel that without the help of Foley and Associates we would still be in the planning stages of a trip. They identified the right target companies and help open doors. The Council of the Great Lakes Governors gets big thumbs up. By far the best money we have spent on market research in the last 10 years!”
Erin York , International Sales Manager, Bruno Independent Living Aids, Inc.
"The Foley Associates team really did a great job! The background information provided for the trip was “spot on”, and the scheduling was truly amazing!
Their countless hours of preparation was obvious and made my part very easy. In addition they take a personal interest, in making sure everything goes as planned. It was a very well planned and productive trip!”
John Parker , President, Parker Systems
"Our company has utilised Foley and Associates services in their capacity as the Authorised Trade Representative for the State of Pennsylvania. We have consistently received outstanding assistance from Angela and her team.
For our market visit to Sydney, it was not just the focused effort Angela and Aneta undertook to help us that we appreciated, but also their really impressive speed-to-action. The result was 4 full days of meeting with very good firms that likely had no awareness of us and our products just a few days earlier. I cannot imagine how difficult that would have been to accomplish without their help."
Jack Guarneri , Director, Channel Management, PARIS Technologies International, Inc.
“Angela has been helping our effort to approach the Australian and New Zealand market. She has written valuable reports on those countries’ dental product distribution system and has provided much appreciated assistance by arranging meetings with prospective dealers.
Angela always promptly and accurately responds to my emails and seems to have an excellent working knowledge of the companies and people with whom we are working.”
Dental equipment exporter , Southeastern Pennsylvania
“I was just going through this report and am so impressed with the depth of information you have provided. The information you included on the car industry, as well as the comments you received from the companies you contacted will be so valuable to [the company]. You all really do a superb job on these reports and always go above and beyond what is requested. I am always confident encouraging our clients to explore opportunities in Australia because I know what a great resource we have in you and your team.”
Stephanie Tignor, Global Network Manager , International Trade Division, Virginia Economic Development Partnership
“Yesterday and today I began making/renewing contacts in Australia. Angela’s in-market presence gave us increased confidence and (what we hope will be) a big step up.”
Power distribution management systems exporter , Pittsburgh, PA
“My client just returned from a visit with potential distributors in Australia. He spoke in superlatives about the support that Angela provided. Her assistance in finding partners, setting up meetings, accompanying him on the meetings, and follow up counseling has been superb. We are fortunate to have Angela’s support.”
Jean Marie Marchetto, Former Director of Business and Trade Development , World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia
“Ms. Angela Foley, PA. DCED Representative based in Sydney, Australia, had arranged a dozen one-on-one meetings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. She provided excellent support and follow-up before, during and after the meetings. Without her outstanding efforts and assistance our mission might not have been productive and successful. We are very grateful for Angela’s assistance and support.”
Mr. Kosh Daphtary, President , Chemtech International, Inc.