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Waste Management, Biotech, Energy and Defence all in a week!

Waste Management, Biotech, Energy and Defence all in a week!
10th October 2015

Its been a busy week with trade events and exhibitions

What a diverse week the 6-10 October 2015 was for the Foley & Associates staff. Whilst Jenny was out learning about the latest in the defence industry, Mirna covered 3 trade shows in 2 days talking waste, biotech and clean energy.


The events we attended were:

Pacific 2015 - The naval and commercial maritime trade show was moved to Glebe Island this year and the travel to the show via ferry was a nice bonus. One of the hot topics this year was who would win the bid to build Australia’s future submarines and we wait for further updates on this.


Waste Management is an emerging industry and we are seeing governments and the private sector invest heavily in the quest to achieve Zero Waste. We have been lucky enough to work with multiple companies in this sector this year, particularly from Northern Ireland and look forward to welcoming more to our shores.

  • Waste Expo 2015 - waste and recycling exhibition in Melbourne, Victoria
  • AusBiotech - national conference and exhibition in Melbourne, Victoria
  • All-Energy 2015 - exhibition on clean and renewable energy in Melbourne, Victoria

Pacific 2015 Sydney
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